Matchless Miss Conduct (Gracie)

(Tetonka Two Feathers Axelwolf x Birdcrazy Miss Demeanor)

  • NAVHDA NA 107 Prize II
  • VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation: 161
  • DOB: 01/24/2010
  • COAT: MedDense/MedHarsh Liver & White Ticked
  • Hips: Penn Hip L 0.32 - R 0.29 (80th Percentile)
  • OFA Hips G00d GWP-2768G30F-VPI Elbows Normal GWP-EL598F30-VPI
  • OFA Thyroid: Normal GWP-TH276/30F-VPI
  • vWD Clear Report #83607
  • HEIGHT: 20"
  • WEIGHT: 65 lbs

Grace is a product of our own kennel by a breeding of Axel x Dee.  We are truly happy with the result of this mating. She has an excelent nose and points birds from a long distance. She is cooperative, intelligent, and easy to train. Since a pup Grace has held point on birds very naturally and she also backs instinctivly. She loves the water and truly shines in her field with alot of quickness, agility, and stamina for a long hunt. Grace has a competitive spirit and tries to keep up with every dog in every way. Yet she has a loving, affectionate temperment. She loves poeple and other dogs, making her a joy to have in the home. Grace has exceptional qualities in both her personality and her abilty that make her a joy to own and train.