German Wirehair Rescue

We help in any way we can with GWP rescue. Some folks don't have the time commitment available for training a puppy. Others merely want a pet to love but don't see the need spend hundreds on a pedigree. Rescue dogs are often very good pets. Commonly, there is nothing wrong with them other than there former owners circumstances changed.

German Wirehaired Pointers make excellent and affectionate companions, but do require some exercise. If you are considering a GWP, but do not want allot of up front expense or the hassles of puppy training, consider a rescue dog!

If you have interest in this breed but don't require a puppy, we're happy to assist you in finding out what available rescue dogs are suitable to your specific situation. Keep in mind that this is the rescue dog's second chance. It is imperative that we find the best possible pet - companion match we possibly can to make this a successful adoption for both.

Feel free to email me from our contact page any questions you have about rescue dogs. If you know you are ready and want to cut out the middle man (me) you can also contact:

Rachel Moorman
North-Central Coordinator 612-817-0907


We continously work with rescue dogs. Please fill out our contact page if you would like to be notified when one comes available in our area.

German Wirehair Club of America National Rescue:

Twin Cities German Wirehair Pointer Club:

Also check the German Wirehair Rescue Website:  GWP Rescue, Inc.

And for those who live near us: Steele County Humane Society