Blue Collar Deuce (Deuce)

(VC Heidlwolf Benelli JH x VC Blue Collar Asia MH)

Deuce Tracking Training

Deuce Training Steady to Shot

Deuce is our newest male. He has been well selected from multi-generation hunt tested stock. We were so impressed with Deuce's pedigree that we waited two years and traveled all the way to Utah to acquire him. Deuce is proving to be worth the wait. He has a keen nose and alot of prey drive. He loves the water and posesses good stamina. He is serious and determined, no nonsense hunter in the field, yet calm and mellow in the home. He loves the dog park and other dogs and displays confidence when around other dogs. He has displayed good aptitude in his field testing at an early age. We look forward to seeing what he can accomplish next year as a fully developed two year old.