North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association


We are active members and supporters of the Southern Minnesota Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, NAVHDA. The Southern Minnesota NAVHDA club was established in Rochester, MN. in 1996, and has evolved ever since. The club now hosts several dog training events with satellite locations throughout southern Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and northern Iowa.

Whether you live in our area, or far away, we highly recommend you learn more about the NAVHDA international organization if you own or plan to own any pointing breed for the purpose of hunting. Become involved with your local NAVHDA chapter. It can reward you and your hunting partner in ways you never imagined.

You can usually find Matchless Kennels training with the Southern Minnesota NAVHDA group near Waseca, MN.. We welcome you to visit the clubs training days and learn more about the group.  There is no cost or obligation to come out and try the club training events. The club welcomes all new comers. The only expectation of the club is that if you enjoy these training sessions and would like to attend on a regular basis, you will show your support by joining the membership of NAVHDA International and also the Southern Minnesota NAVHDA Chapter.

Matchless Miss Conduct - VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude Tesst - 2010

Versatile Hunting Dog Federation


Minnesota Versatile Hunting Dog Federation
The Versatile Hunting Dog Federation promotes ethical hunting practices and conservation of game animals by enhancing the quality and ability of versatile hunting dogs through breeder and handler education, performance based testing, and by facilitating continuing education and information exchange regarding health and genetics

Starting in 2010 we began testing our dogs in the VHDF. Since then we have tested all our younger dogs in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation tests and will continue to do so. The VHDF tests  are also versatile tests and have there own unique approach in comparison to other organizations. The Federation is growing quickly on a national level as well as here in Minnesota. We highly reccomend the VHDF organization.