About Our Dogs

At Matchless Kennels we not only want to raise great hunting dogs - we also want to raise great companions.  When we select breeding stock from outside our kennel we look for dogs with a proven multi-generation hunt tested pedigree. We're not looking for just a recent title, we're looking for hunt tested generations.

Other important factors are health, conformation, and above all, temperament. The genetics that make up a new pup often come from "way back in the wood pile". The more we know about the ancestry of our dogs, the greater our chances for success!

When you are considering the purchase of a new puppy please do your research. Your consideration of ALL areas of focus, hunting ability, health, conformation, structure, and temperament will serve you well during the life of your pet.  It will benefit an over-crowded unwanted pet population as well.

We want you to be a successful pet owner!